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 Q: For Crystal reports experts

Dear experts:

I am having no success creating a particular report using Crystal
reports on VB4.0 for a seemingly simple task with an Access database
that has 7 tables.

What I want to do is print all the records in one table in which the
primary key field is unique amongst ALL the tables.  For example,
say you have a 'Customers' table and a 'Purchases' table.  Both tables
have a field called customerID, but one table contains customer
info (names, addresses) and the other table contains purchase info
(productID, date, amount, etc  and customerID).

I want to print the customer info for the customers who have NOT
purchased anything.  The opposite objective is easy, since Crystal
reports automatically does an 'inner join', making a list of the
customers who have purchased something.  If this was ACCESS, I would
probably do a LEFT JOIN on customerID where purchases.customerID is
null (or something to that effect) to get my desired result.

I have tried several combinations of various functions like ISNULL in
the SelectionFormula property of the Report Object, to no avail.

Any ideas?  Much appreciated.

From a Client/Server student who is currently looking for his big
break into programming (in the Boston area)

Sat, 07 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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