Installing VB4Pro Problems, Help Needed. 
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 Installing VB4Pro Problems, Help Needed.

I'm in need of some MAJOR help here. I have Win95 and HAD VB4 PRO
installed. I started to get errors and OCX's not being found so I
decided to reinstall VB4 and thats when EVERYTHING that could go wrong

Problem #1

When I installed it( and this keeps happening still) right at the end
of the installation I get this err:

                was unable to register itself in the system registry.

Problem #2

Also when I had it running before all this trouble, when I tried to go
into the 'Add-ins' menu option and selected 'Data Manager' I would get
the following error:

                Wrong version of Runtime DLL

I have no idea which DLL its trying to access so I don't know which DLL
to replace.

Problem #3

I also for no reason started to get the message that it couldn't
find/load MSRDC32.OCX, I replaced it with the copy I had on the CD-ROM
and still kept giving me the same error message everytime I loaded up VB4

Well thats it. Can ANYONE point me in the right direction as to what I
should do? Thanks.


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