'type mismatch' error using early-binding 
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 'type mismatch' error using early-binding


I am getting a 'type mismatch' error at run-time using early binding with my
type library.  The problem occurs when I attempt to assign my object to a

VB code:

Public Function Initialize(ByVal xDispatch As Variant) As Long
    Dim MyFoo As MyCustomLibrary.MyClass
    Set MyFoo = xDispatch ' type mismatch error here
End Function

The xDispatch object is passed from a COM server as a VARIANT*.

Here is the .idl:

// .idl for IMyInterface

[ uuid(84ba9771-42eb-4acd-a3fc-534cae749e28),
 helpstring("My Test Type Library")

library MyCustomLibrary

 //  Primary dispatch interface

 [ uuid(27CEBDC1-4E72-11CE-8D59-00805F84E87C),
 interface IMyInterface: IDispatch

  [id(1)] HRESULT DisplayMessage ([in] BSTR lpMessage, [in] long dwMode,
[out, retval] long* lReturn);


 //  Class information
 [ uuid(27CEBDC0-4E72-11CE-8D59-00805F84E87C) ]
 coclass MyClass
  [default] interface IMyInterface:


Does anyone know what is wrong with the type library?  Or is this a VB
limitation?  Or am I doing something else wrong?  BTW, late-binding works
great but I would rather have the IntelliSense available.


Sun, 26 Sep 2004 01:28:52 GMT  
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