Shrinking Windows executables and Stand-alone VB executables 
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 Shrinking Windows executables and Stand-alone VB executables

Has anyone tried any products to either:

1. Shrink the size of executables, removing redundant/repeated code
variables etc.

2. Produce stand-alone VB programs without VBRUN300.DLL and/or *.VBXs.

or even better tried both together?

If so what were the effects on the executables:

     File Size
     Memory requirements/usage
     Speed of execution
     other resources requirements/usage

and was the 'recompiler':

     able to handle all your code (any rewrites needed)
     suitable for Windows For Workgroups and NT

any other comments welcome.
(if you would like to know more about our application, please email me).


David Moss
Logica UK Limited

This message does not represent an official statement from my employer

Tue, 16 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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