Help - Creating a Lotus Notes Document in a local Lotus Notes DB with VB6 
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 Help - Creating a Lotus Notes Document in a local Lotus Notes DB with VB6

Hi Folks,
for some demo reasons I have to do the following:
I have a local Lotus Notes DB on my computer, and I want to create from a
VB6 application a Lotus Notes Document in this local Lotus Notes DB to fake
some emailing (I have to do so because the demo has to run in a remote

Has someone any idea how this might be done? Did ever someone try to do so?
I couldn't find anything in the MSDN library concerning this, and I guess
there is no Lotus Notes OCX control to allow a simple connect, but I thought
when this stuf only to run remote it couldn't be that hard to do.

I found a piece of code in another forum, but this one doesn't work -
nevertheless I will copy it here, maybe someone has an idea what's missing:

Sub NotesForm_2()
    Dim session As Object
    Dim db As Object
    Dim view As Object
    Dim doc_src As Object
    Dim doc_dest As Object
    Dim item As Object
    Set session = CreateObject("notes.notessession")
    Set db = session.GETDATABASE("", "d:\notes\data\MQSWFMails.nsf")
    Set view = db.GETVIEW("All")
    Set doc_src = view.GETFIRSTDOCUMENT()
    Set item = doc_src.GETFIRSTITEM("VBN")
    'The following "RText" is a Rich Text field
    Set item = doc_src.REPLACEITEMVALUE("RText", "I want to put an
image instead of this Text")
    Call doc_src.SAVE(True, False)
    Set session = Nothing
End Sub

In my eyes this looks a little bit too simple, and this might be the reason
why it doesn't work, but on the other hand it shouldn't be that hard to do.

If you have some code that works, or an idea were I might find more info,
this would just be great!

Sun, 26 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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