Looking for app. to reset icons 
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 Looking for app. to reset icons

>I am looking for an app. or tool that will reset my icons back to their
>original picture. What happens is that many of my icons are based
>on .ico files stored on our network. Occaisionaly if I start windows
>without having that network drive linked first the icons revert back to
>the default green and blue windows sharded box (blank icon). This
>especially happens when I change resolution. I know that windows
>knows where the icons is afterwards because I can go into Properties
>and choose icon and there it will be in my icons list. I simply hit OK
>and it is back to normal. The trouble is I have over 100 icons all over
>effected!! What I need is an app. that will do this for me or a way to do
>it myself in Visual Basic 3.0.

Kevin Inscoe, Sys. Admin., Coleman Research Corp., Launch Systems Group

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Mon, 01 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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