Strange printing behavior - IDE vs. EXE 
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 Strange printing behavior - IDE vs. EXE

Hi -

I have a VB5 app that prints using Crystal Reports.  The app uses the
Crystal API (CRPE32.DLL -  v5.0.1.96) and prints the reports to a postscript
file using a PostScript driver (PSCRIPT.DRV - v4.00.950) with the port set
to a file.  This all happens at runtime using PE calls. This setup works
fine except when I print a landscape document.  In the IDE it prints the
document correctly, but the EXE prints it portrait and truncates anything
beyond 8.5 inches.  I have tried using DSX to see what is being loaded
during runtime and the only difference appears to be the IDE DLLs.  I have
had the IDE open while the EXE runs but this has not helped.  So I don't
think that it is a problem of the IDE loading files that the EXE is not.  I
did a file comparison and the two PostScript files are definitely different.
I believe that this might be happening as data is being sent to the
PostScript driver.  I have tried changing the PostScript output format but
this has not helped.  Any help is always greatly appreciated.

- Tom

Sun, 13 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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