Regarding MSComm Serial Communication Control version [rz1.txt] (1/1) 
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 Regarding MSComm Serial Communication Control version [rz1.txt] (1/1)


>Subject: Regarding MSComm Serial Communication Control version [rz1.txt]
>Date: 28 Jul 1995 05:22:23 GMT

>Recently I installed the above control and followed the steps detailed in the
>accompanying MSComm.txt file.
>Using the sample Visual Basic 3.0 Professional code, VBTerm.mak to test the
>control, with both 2400 and 14.4 baud Hayes compatible modems, the control
>still has the same problem as with the previous version.

>Could any one please send me information on how I can get over this problem.
>I have searched Microsoft Developer Network and TechNet CDs for answers,
>but the did not provide any.
>Robert Zanin


Your message was uuencoded, so a lot of people probably didn't get to read it.
 However, about the mscomm.vbx, I've been trying to use it under Windows95 and
have found that I cannot get it to dial my USRobotics modem.  I haven't
figured out why yet.


Robert L. Brown


Tue, 13 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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