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 Install programs

I recall seeing some talk about a setup product called "Wises". Does anybody know where to get it from?

Thanks in advance.


Tue, 26 Aug 1997 10:21:46 GMT  
 Install programs


>Subject: Install programs
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 02:21:46 GMT
>I recall seeing some talk about a setup product called "Wises". Does anybody
>know where to get it from?
>Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon
How is everything down under?

                     Wise Installation System 2.1

                          Shareware Version
                      Professional Demo Version

The Wise Installation System creates professional installation
programs for Windows and Windows NT. The installations are
created as a single EXE file (or one file per disk for multiple
disk installations). You may upload this single file directly to
a BBS or on-line service or send it via e-mail; no separate
dearchiver is necessary. It supports display of graphics during
the installation, version checking, executing external programs,
editing INI files, editing the registration database, multiple
installation directories, adding icons to the Program Manager,
If/Else branching, installation logs, scanning for referenced
DLL/VBXs, and adding files via drag and drop. Wise is completely
Windows based, including the script editor. You do NOT have to
edit text based script files. The Shareware version DOES create
fully functional installation executables.

The WISESW.EXE installation file includes two versions of Wise. The
Shareware Version includes all of the features listed above. The
cost of registering the Shareware Version is $50.

The Professional Demo Version includes all of the features of the
Shareware version plus:

        - Multiple disk installations
        - 19 more script items
        - A freely distributable uninstaller
        - Component based installations
        - Multiple language support
        - Searching disks for a file
        - Customizing with VB programs
        - Reading INI entries
        - Calling DLL functions
        - Script Assistant

The Professional Demo is a fully functioning program. The
installation executables created by demo may only be used on the
same computer that they were created on. The cost of the Wise
Professional Version is $129. You can download the demo from the
GLBS BBS at 810-363-6418. A demo disk is also available by
calling 1-800-554-8565.

Chuck Stuart - Mesquite TX USA  
VBTrace 2.00 is a runtime Procedure Trace/XReference/Debug/Profiler and
much more tool for VB and is now in beta. Download beta version 2.00.12

Mon, 25 Aug 1997 18:49:48 GMT  
 Install programs


>I recall seeing some talk about a setup product called "Wises". Does

anybody know where to get it from?


>Thanks in advance.


The Professional Version 2.0 is $129, and can be ordered by calling them
at 313-981-4970. I used it on a commercially released VB product, and
thought it was great (after several beta releases with InstallShield
where 30% of our testers had install problems).


Tue, 26 Aug 1997 02:20:01 GMT  
 Install programs


> I recall seeing some talk about a setup product called "Wises".
> Does anybody know where to get it from?

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Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:10:11 GMT  
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