ScaleHeight/ScaleWidth with borderless form - Not working, please help I am stumped 
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 ScaleHeight/ScaleWidth with borderless form - Not working, please help I am stumped

I am using VB5.0 SP3

This is a two-part question which are very related to each other in
terms of using scale height and scale width on a borderless child form

I have an MDI form (MDIForm1) with several childs (Form1, Form2 etc).
The border style is set to 0 (none) for all the child forms and the
WindowState is normal.

The MDI form is maximized and I would like to have it like that for
the most part and have the child forms maximized within the parent
form. My problem is that I am getting a gap (quarter inch or so on the
bottom and right of the form so that the child form is not REALLY
maximized because there is a gap. I am using a menu to navigate
between these maximized child forms.

Here is my code

Private Sub Form_Activate()
     Form1.Left = 0
     Form1.Top = 0

     Form1.Height = MDIForm1.ScaleHeight
     Form1.Width = MDIForm1.ScaleWidth
End Sub

Also - I am having a similar problem with frames within the form that
is being scaled. I would like the frames to be the same size as the
form, but I cannot get this to work at all. Again, here is my code

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim i As Integer
    'Iterate through the frames
    For i = 0 To fraStep.Count - 1
        With fraStep(i)
            .Height = Form1.ScaleHeight
            .Width = Form1.ScaleWidth
            .Left = 0
            .Top = 0
        End With
    Next i

'This was from Microsoft Wizard Wizard - if I do not have this, my
'picture boxes are chopped off on the left ??
    For i = 0 To fraStep.Count - 1
      fraStep(i).Left = -10000
End Sub

I hope someone can help - I am having a really tough time with this
for something that I thought would be straight forward. I tried having
the WindowState = 2 for a borderless form, but it would not even

Thanks in advance,


Thu, 25 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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