Please help,trying to put selected items from array into list box 
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 Please help,trying to put selected items from array into list box

Im trying to open an array and put only selected entries into
a list box  , the code below opens my array and I tried the code at
the bottom to search the array but when It finds a match at the
start of the array it puts everything in behind it
Please email me at
        Paul Norrish

code to open file---------------------------------
Public Sub openfile(fileToopen As String)
Dim recordlen As Long
ReDim totalfood(0)
currentFile = ""
On Error GoTo noopenfile

recordlen = Len(totalfood(0))
Open fileToopen For Random As #1 Len = recordlen
numofrecordsinfile = LOF(1) / recordlen
Screen.MousePointer = 11
   For X = 1 To numofrecordsinfile
   ReDim Preserve totalfood(X - 1)
   Get #1, X, totalfood(X - 1)
   addrecord (X - 1)
   Next X

Public Sub addrecord(theindex As Integer)

For Z = LBound(totalfood) To UBound(totalfood)
If totalfood(Z).Calories = 300 Then
    fmainform!List1.AddItem totalfood(theindex).foodname
        fmainform!List1.ItemData(fmainform!List1.NewIndex) = theindex
do nothing
End If
Next Z

Sun, 24 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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