printing with an Epson laser printer 
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 printing with an Epson laser printer

I've been trying to figure out why programs wont print (in run mode)
when a command to print is activated.
do I need an add on DLL, or vb to laser printer program?
I can print on our schools laser printer (not Epson)

home    vbasic ver 3.0
school   vbasic ver 3.0

home     Epson action laser 1100
school   Hewlet packer laser printer (exact type uknown)

I want to enter data(text)/icons/bmp's to a a screen (form2)
and have the program print (form2) to the laser printer

What happens
the printer q is activated (empty)
nothing prints

also please, any code to activate the printer would be helpful

Thank you verry much
send info to

Fri, 28 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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