Automating IE, and downloading a www gif. 
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 Automating IE, and downloading a www gif.

I want to run Microsoft IE 4+ from VB6, and enable my VB program to save to
disk a gif from the page that's open in IE.  How?

The code is below.  The part that doesn't work is marked with

This is what happens:

    1. command1 sends IE to a site
    2. entering a local address into text2 and running command2 fills
picture1 with the image
    3. BUT, entering
, or
.jpg into text2 gives "run-time error 76, path not found"

Rather than copying the picture from IE to VB, what I really want to do is
to save it (not its address) to a local file.


Miles Finn

Dim WithEvents mIE As InternetExplorer

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    ' Sends IE to the URL  Text1.Text
    ' Works for hard drive (Text1.text =
    ' or
    ' WWW (Text1.text

    mIE.Visible = True

    txtURLstart = Text1.Text
    mIE.Navigate txtURLstart

End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()

        Set Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(Text2.Text) '
***************************** - doesn't work if text2.text = an URL

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

    Set mIE = New InternetExplorer

End Sub

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