columns in a list b 10/10 
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 columns in a list b 10/10

Subject: columns in a list box

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another textbox - click the 'Update Tab Stops' button...this moves all
following items past the current tab point - simply a ease of use feature.

If you want to add custom text at any point, just type it into any text box
and press the 'Update List Text' button.  The list will reflect the new
text at the currently set tabstops.

When everything is hunky-dorey, press 'Generate Code'... this will pop up a
text box with the proper code to paste into your application, based on the
tabs you've just selected.

Special Feature:
In order to simplify text entering, especially valuable if you are to
determine different tab sets for bold and normal text, or different font
sizes, you can load pre-saved data from an ini file directly into the

Copy the following to an ini file, and be sure to set the full path and
filename in the form's sub load.

[Tab Design]
Item1=Your Name
Item2=Some Address 123
Item3=A Big City
Item5=Milky Way

Change the text as needed, and save.  Once the Designer's text boxes are
displayed with the default text data, choose 'Data from ini file' to load
the ini file data.  Note that if 5 textboxes are visible, only the first 5
items are loaded etc.

BTW, you can change the keyvalue (Item1 Item2 etc) to whatever suits you -
the program doesn't care wht is used.  Note that currently the max is 10
items - after this they are ignored.

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