Visual Basic vs. Visual C++ 
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 Visual Basic vs. Visual C++

IMHO, your paper is comparing apricots with kumquats.  The only real
comparison between the two is the word Visual in the title.  I had been
programming in (Quick and basica) Basic for 10 yrs. and  C (not C++) for 3
years when I got both of these packages.  In Visual Basic I was producing
small apps within a couple of hours.  With Visual C++, I put the whole
thing aside for "later when I have more time."  
As you may know, "later when I have more time" happens right after "I'll
get back and fix this bug later," which of course precedes "I'll do the
documentation some other time."

Darryl Brooks
Atlanta, Ga.

Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00 GMT  
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