strange VB error: Unkown system error:(-1000040) 
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 strange VB error: Unkown system error:(-1000040)

Hi all!

I've been having the strangest VB error.  I attempt to test my application
within VB, and before my form pops up I get an error message pop up, which
says Unknown system error:(-1000040)

The application I'm building is the front end of a C/S application.  I running
VB on a gateway 2000 486DX2/66V with 8 MB of ram.  I'm using Versions/VB as
my Configuration Management tool.  And the shared Version is stored on a
Novell network drive!

Any tips or suggestions would help me greatly!

Thanks in advance!


Mon, 24 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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