MIDI and third party VB Questions... 
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 MIDI and third party VB Questions...

I am planning on making some computer programmers / patch bank
editors for some synthesizers of mine... Visual Basic 4 probably will be
my language of choice, due to the large number of third party utilities
it has and the ease of making simple interfaces... What I need, though,
is recommendations on third party utilities for:

- Interfacing the MIDI port (any MIDI device in Windows it should be
able to do... something that directly accesses the MPU-401 is NOT what
I'm looking for...)

- Routines for certain graphical interfaces. A nice slider routine would
help a lot; not required but nice would be a routine that would display
a matrix grid well, and a routine that graphically displays envelopes. I
think I can use the VB tools for the rest...

The recommended tools, FYI, should be free, since I'm planning on making
these editors available for free. (:

Incidentally, the synths I'm planning on making tools for (in the order
that I'm tackling them) is the Oberheim Matrix 1000, the Roland D-50,
the Yamaha DX27/100, and the Korg X5.

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Mon, 15 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 MIDI and third party VB Questions...


You can download fully-functional sample MIDI controls from
http://www.mabry.com.  The package contains midi i/o controls, a midi
file control, and knobs, sliders, and leds.  No grids or envelopes

When you build an app with controls you've purchased from us you can
distribute them freely _without_ the license file which enables use of
the controls in the design time vb environment.

PS.  If you do anything interesting for the Roland TD-5 please send me
a copy!

Version: 2.6


Tue, 16 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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