Accelerator Keys not recognized 
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 Accelerator Keys not recognized

I have version 5.0 of Visual Basic, with Service Pack 3.0.

The following problem occurs only with VB in the design environment.
When I first launch VB, I cannot use the keyboard to invoke menu items -
keypresses are simply ignored. After a few mouse clicks, I'm able to revert
to using the keyboard, and my keypresses are recognized. A little later,
most - but not all - menu items are unavailable via BOTH the mouse and the
keyboard. Clicks and presses are simply ignored.

If I try to exit the application (yes, File/Exit works with the mouse) with
unsaved work, I am prompted to save my changes. If I click Yes, nothing
happens... which means my work cannot be saved.

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem???? Does anyone have any
suggestions (perhaps aside from a complete reinstall).

I haven't noticed this problem in any other applications.


Tue, 26 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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