Can VB4.0 32 Bit call a 16 bit DLL 
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 Can VB4.0 32 Bit call a 16 bit DLL


You cannot directly access a 16 bit dll using VB4 for the 32bit
environment. Sorry.  You can, however, use Visual C to create
a function that can be called from VB that will allow access to
all those 16 bit dlls.  The process is called "thunking".  
Microsoft also provides a thunk compiler (I think with VC++4.0)
that helps simplify the task.  There are a several articles on
the MSDN that explain it, as well as a very good article written
from the VB perspective.  The article "Thunk before you port"
appears in the Visual Basic Programmers Journal (March 96)
written by Steve Jackson.  


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