Help on a c++ to VB conversion of MP3 id3 tag 
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 Help on a c++ to VB conversion of MP3 id3 tag

Please I need help on this:

I am writing a program to organize my collection of Mp3's.
It will scan the cd labels, classify the music, tag the music with or
without the CDDB, determine the BPM, search the database of the CD'r of mp3
with filter informations, etc...

For now, it does some of the things above, but I need to use the ID3 tag
version 3.05, the last one, because I want to attach files, a lot of
information into the mp3 archive.

The problem is: I don't know how to convert the complete C++ header of the
ID3 lib to use it in the VB.

I will put some of the lines of the header, and if anyone knows the
conversion, thanks :)
(When I finish the program, I'll post it on, it will be
(I'm brazilian, but I'll make it in english with the help of a friend that
write english perfectly).

I have this in c++:

typedef long unsigned int luint;
typedef unsigned char  uchar;

struct ID3_VerInfo
char name  [ 30 ];
luint version,


enum ID3_FieldID


enum ID3_FrameID


class ID3_Field;
class ID3_Frame;
class ID3_Tag;

void   ID3_GetVersion     ( ID3_VerInfo *info );

// tag wrappers
ID3_Tag   *ID3Tag_New      ( void );
void   ID3Tag_Delete     ( ID3_Tag *tag );
void   ID3Tag_Parse     ( ID3_Tag *tag, uchar header[ ID3_TAGHEADERSIZE ],
uchar *buffer);
ID3_Frame  *ID3Tag_FindFrameWithASCII  ( ID3_Tag *tag, ID3_FrameID id,
ID3_FieldID fld, char *data );
// frame wrappers
ID3_FrameID  ID3Frame_GetID     ( ID3_Frame *frame );
ID3_Field  *ID3Frame_GetField    ( ID3_Frame *frame, ID3_FieldID name );
// field wrappers
void   ID3Field_Clear     ( ID3_Field *field );

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