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 Visual Basic for MS-DOS

I purchased and still have the original disks (2) of what the label says:

Microsoft Visual Basic Standard Edition
Programming System for MS-DOS

Disk 1 - Setup
MS-DOS Series
Disk Format: High-density(1.44.MB)  
Version 1.0

-- Also Disk 2

The file date is 08/19/92 11:59 p.m.

I even installed it a couple of weeks ago to see if it still "worked" -- it

This is the Packing List:

                           Disk Contents for
              Microsoft (R) Visual Basic (TM) for MS-DOS (R)
                       Standard Edition Version 1.00

              Copyright (C) 1982-1992 Microsoft Corporation

This file contains a complete list of all files and directories on the
distribution disks provided with this product. Files are grouped by
product component, numbers in parentheses indicate the disk number on which
the file is found.

Files on the distribution disks are compressed (indicated by a "$" in the
file extension) and must be decompressed before they are used. The Setup
program on disk 1 decompresses files as they are installed. A separate file
decompression utility (DECOMP.EXE) located on disk 1 is provided for manual
file decompression. The following table displays the compressed/uncompressed
file extension mapping scheme:

    Compressed File Extension:        Uncompressed File Extension:
            *.AS$               -             *.ASM
            *.BA$               -             *.BAS
            *.BI$               -             *.BI
            *.BT$               -             *.BAT
            *.C$                -             *.C
            *.CO$               -             *.COM
            *.CT$               -             *.CTX
            *.DL$               -             *.DLL
            *.EX$               -             *.EXE
            *.FO$               -             *.FON
            *.FR$               -             *.FRM
            *.H$                -             *.H
            *.HL$               -             *.HLP
            *.IC$               -             *.ICO
            *.IN$               -             *.INC
            *.LI$               -             *.LIB
            *.MA$               -             *.MAK
            *.MD$               -             *.MDB
            *.OB$               -             *.OBJ
            *.PI$               -             *.PIF
            *.QL$               -             *.QLB
            *.SC$               -             *.SCN
            *.SO$               -             *.SOB
            *.SY$               -             *.SYS
            *.TX$               -             *.TXT
            *.XL$               -             *.XLM

An example of using DECOMP.EXE to decompress a single file is as follows:


This will decompress the BC.EX$ file from the distribution disk in drive a:
to the file BC.EXE in the C:\VBDOS directory.

This package comes with a number of demonstration and utility programs
written in Basic. These files are for informational and recreational
purposes only, and Microsoft makes no warranties, either expressed or
implied, as to their suitability for specific purposes or their correctness,
accuracy, or reliability. The entire risk as to the results and performance
of the software is assumed by you.

Installation Files
(1)  READNOW.TXT      Immediate installation instructions.
(1)  SETUP.EXE        Visual Basic for MS-DOS installation program
(1)  VBDOS.INF        Setup data file
(1)  SETUP.INI        Setup initialization file
(1)  DECOMP.EXE       Microsoft Decompression Utility; used for decompressing
                      individual files from the distribution disks
(1)  ALTSETUP.BAT     Batch install file for use if SETUP.EXE fails.

Text Files
(1)  PACKING.TXT      List and description of all files provided
(1)  README.TXT       Product notes and documentation corrections
(1)  COMPAT.TXT       Visual Basic compatibility notes

Development Tools
(1)  VBDOS.EXE        Visual Basic for MS-DOS programming environment
(1)  VBDOS.PIF        Windows information file for VBDOS.EXE
(2)  VBDOS.ICO        Windows icon for VBDOS.EXE

(1)  FD.EXE           Visual Basic for MS-DOS Form Designer

(1)  BC.EXE           Visual Basic for MS-DOS Compiler

(1)  FT.EXE           Visual Basic Binary Form Translator
(1)  TRNSLATE.EXE     Visual Basic Project Translator; Windows
                      application that requires the Visual Basic
                      for Windows run-time DLL

Help and Tutorial
(2)  VBDOS.HLP        Visual Basic online Help
(1)  VBDPSS.HLP       Visual Basic Knowledgebase online Help

(1)  LEARN.EXE        Visual Basic for MS-DOS Tutorial program
(1)  LEARN.SOB        Support file for tutorial
(1)  LEARN.SCN        "
(1)  LEARN.CTX        "

(2)  VBDRT10.LIB      Run-time module library: 80x87 or emulator math;
                      used for creating executable files requiring the
                      Visual Basic run-time module (VBDRT10E.EXE)
(2)  VBDRT10.EXE      Run-time module: 80x87 or emulator math; required
                      to run executable files created with VBDRT10E.LIB
(2)  VBDCL10.LIB      Stand-alone library: 80x87 or emulator math;
                      used for creating stand-alone executable files

(2)  VBDOS.LIB        Stand-alone library containing support routines
                      for MS-DOS system calls
(1)  VBDOS.QLB        Quick library containing support routines for
                      MS-DOS system calls
(1)  VBDOS.BI         Include file for programs that call any of the
                      routines in VBDOS.LIB
(2)  VBDOSQLB.LIB     Library of support routines for creating Quick

(1)  LINK.EXE         Microsoft Segmented-Executable Linker; used to create
                      executable files and Quick libraries
(1)  LIB.EXE          Microsoft Library Manager; used to create
                      stand-alone (.LIB) libraries

(1)  FIXSHIFT.COM     TSR program that fixes a bug in the ROM BIOS of some
                      machines with keyboards that have an extra set of
                      arrow keys, in addition to those on the numeric
(1)  MSHERC.COM       Driver file that allows you to write programs using
                      screen mode 3 for graphics output on computers
                      equipped with a Hercules(R) Graphics Card, Graphics
                      Card Plus, Hercules InColor Card, or 100%-compatible
                      clones of these graphics cards
(1)  PATCH87.EXE      Utility that installs a patch for DOS 3.20 which
                      eliminates a problem with floating-point math in DOS
                      3.20. The problem arises ONLY on systems that boot from
                      a hard disk drive, have a math coprocessor (such as an
                      8087 chip), and run programs that use floating-point

(2)  CMNDLG.BAS       Common Dialog Toolkit source file
(1)  CMNDLGF.FRM      "
(2)  CMNDLG.BI        "
(1)  CMNDLG.MAK       "
(2)  CMNDLG.LIB       Common Dialog Toolkit library: 80x87 or emulator math
(2)  CMNDLG.QLB       Common Dialog Toolkit Quick library: 80x87 or
                      emulator math

(1)  MOUSE.BAS        Mouse Toolkit source file
(1)  MOUSE.BI         "
(1)  MOUSE.MAK        "

Custom Control
(1)  SPIN.QLB         Spin custom control
(1)  SPIN.LIB         "
(1)  SPINDEMO.FRM     Example program containing Spin custom control
(1)  SPINDEMO.MAK     "

Stub Files
(1)  87.LIB           No coprocessor emulation - for use with programs to
                      run only on machines with an 8087, 80287, or 80387
                      math coprocessor chip
(1)  SMALLERR.OBJ     Reduced error messages - link with programs to reduce
                      the length of run-time error messages

Sample Applications
(1)  CONSTANT.BI      Include file containing constant definitions for
                      object property values

(1)  CALC.FRM         Calculator sample application
(1)  CALC.MAK         "
(2)  CALC.BI          "

(1)  CHECK.FRM        Check register sample application
(1)  CHECK.MAK        "

(2)  CLOCK.FRM        Clock sample application
(2)  CLOCK.MAK        "
(2)  CLOCK.BI         "

(1)  CONTROLP.FRM     Control panel sample application
(1)  CONTROLP.MAK     "
(1)  CONTDRAW.BAS     "

(1)  DEBUG.FRM        Debug output form

(1)  GRAPHICS.FRM     Graphics sample application (charting and patterns)
(1)  GRAPDRAW.BAS     "
(1)  GRAPHICS.MAK     "

(1)  NOTEPAD.FRM      Notepad sample application
(1)  NOTEPAD.MAK      "
(1)  NOTEPAD.BI       "

(1)  QLBVIEW.FRM      Quick library contents viewer sample application
(1)  QLBVIEW.MAK      "
(1)  QLBVIEW.BI       "

(1)  SEEK.FRM         File search sample application
(1)  SEEK.MAK         "

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