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 Tough question for a guru

This may seem picky to some people, but I want my forms to plot without
any "glitches" that would attract notice.  The biggest problem seems to
be labels, which often either flash a white silhouette before plotting
or else allow the background to show through them before plotting --
which makes them momentarily look like "holes" in the form.

Well, I discovered a way of dealing with these problems.  I keep the
labels INVISIBLE until the rest of the form has plotted.  This seems to
avoid the problems I have described.  What I do is have a procedure that
makes my labels visible/invisible, and I call it in my Load, Activate,
and Deactivate event procedures.

This seems to work just fine except for one case:  When I use ALT-TAB to
flip between a DOS prompt, this doesn't generate activate/deactive events,
and I get ugly black holes momentarily showing where my labels eventually
get filled in.

This may seem picky, but I would like my forms to *ALWAYS* plot cleanly
-- or at least as cleanly as possible -- so I would like to be able to
also handle this case of flipping between a DOS prompt.

Is there any way to do it?  Would I need to use message-trapping?  If so,
what messages would I trap?

Wed, 23 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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