Shell, CreateProcess, and GetModule Usage q's.. 
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 Shell, CreateProcess, and GetModule Usage q's..

I've seen some messages in this group on how to reproduce the
Shell/GetModuleUsage loop we could use in VB3. I'm trying to accomplish
this task. I can't use method outlined in the KB, however, because my VB
app loses control at the point I call WaitForSingleObject. I need to remain
in control in some kind of doevents loop so that I can trap command-button
actions (like a cancel button.) I need to get a window handle somehow so I
can check the caption of the shelled app, but I don't see any link between
the process handle and the window handle.

Can someone please point me toward some surrounding process handle api
calls, or better yet -- show me how to accomplish what was so easy in VB3.


Mon, 22 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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