Crashes with ActiveX Controls and Excel 2000 
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 Crashes with ActiveX Controls and Excel 2000


I have the following truly bizarre problem using Visual Basic with Excel
2000. Whenever I add ActiveX controls to my Excel spreadsheet, the
spreadsheet becomes corrupted. When I try to launch the spreadsheet
subsequently, Excel crashes in various bizarre ways. For example, I just
took a working spreadsheet, added two text box controls, saved it, and
launched it. It took about 20 seconds to complete loading (where before it
was just a second or two). Actually, it didn't complete loading; a dialogue
box came up saying Excel and committed a memory violation, and the whole
thing closed down. Even if I add an activeX control to a spreadsheet and it
doesn't crash, it still loads very slowly.

I've lost over a week trying to figure this out. I've tried to find
references to this on the web and in past news posts, but so far haven't
been succesful. Has anyone encountered anything like this?

--Rick T

Sun, 25 Jul 2004 23:53:03 GMT  
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