Error registering COMDLG32.OCX in Setup 
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 Error registering COMDLG32.OCX in Setup

I'm developing in VB4.0, and most of my apps are "for my own use", but
recently I have tried to distribute some to other users. I'm using the
32-bit edition on Win95 (and so are all of the persons I am distributing
to). When I run the setup wizard, it puts all of the necessary files in
an installation directory, which I then share over the network, for
other users to install from (instead of using floppies). So far (once I
get them debugged, of course) my programs perform fine on my own PC.

The problem is that when the other users run SETUP.EXE and install the
application, they get an "Error registering COMDLG32.OCX" message, and
the application refuses to run. I know that this refers to the Win95
Common Dialog control (which I frequently use), but why won't it install

If it helps to know this, I did go through the VB5 CCE fiasco recently,
(i.e., downloaded and installed it, and then learned that it overwrites
certain system files from VB4.0). However, I removed VB5CCE and cleaned
things up with REGCLEAN, then re-installed VB4.0 so I should be in good
shape. Plus, I think that I had an installation fail in this same manner
before I installed VB5 CCE. Any help or pointers would be greatly

Douglas Abernathy
Lockheed Martin

Tue, 31 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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