Error: Language dll N16.DLL not found. 
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 Error: Language dll N16.DLL not found.

        Hi, i have tried various ways to install a 2 disks program, but i still
get an error message: <language DLL 'N16.DLL' or " not found >.

        I have tried to manualy copy vb4en16.dll to the windows\system directory,
i have tried to copy all the files that are in the setup.lst of my
distributions disk.  I have tried to manually register the vb4en16.dll.

        The computers i am trying to install on are on a network, i have tried on
a few computers both on the network and in stand alone mode, all the same,
i get the error.

        I have tried on a computer with no network accessibility at all and i did
not get any problem.  But i need to be able to make it work on a computer
with network accessibility as the program can send e-mail

        I really would appreciate any answer, i am getting desperate.

Thanks in advance

Sun, 28 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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