Browser Control: Design Mode vs Compiled Mode 
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 Browser Control: Design Mode vs Compiled Mode

I have an application which heavily uses the MS Browser Controls
(shdocvw.dll). My problem is that in the Visual Basic 5 design mode, I
cannot navigate to any .html or www location in the design environment. (I
am using the .Navigate method with the URL as the parameter.) However, when
the app is compiled (p-code) everything works great! No problem! I don't get
it! I have formatted my machine several times now in attempt to figure this
out. All I have installed on my machine at this point is; Win95 b, VB 5
Enterprise (SP2) and IE 4.0 (SP1).

I have tried to run the application in design mode at several stages during
the machine format/reinstall. I tried it with VB 5 (no SP), VB 5 (SP2), VB 5
(SP3), IE 4 (no SP), IE 4 (SP1).

I don't get it! I am not getting any errors at all! No methods are failing.
We aren't doing anything crazy with the browser control. It just doesn't

What happens is, we call .Navigate to a local .html file, it sits there for
about three seconds trying to load and then the browser is stalled. You
can't access the .Document properties, and you can't navigate anywhere.

I've checked all the projects References and Component settings. They are

Can someone help?

Sat, 18 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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