Form Disappears!! 
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 Form Disappears!!

In my application, I added a toolbar to the main form.
None of my forms are MDI. On a menu click event, I
load another form as modal (frmOther,Show 1).

The form shows up okay, but whenever I select an Input
box or a Msgbox, the formSub disappears behind the main
form!! It only started after I added the toolbar to the
mainform. Even if I call the sub form with (Load frmOther,
frmOther.Visible = True) the same thing happens. It also
happens on any of my sub forms.

By breaking (Cntl-Break) the code, and pressing F-5 to rerun, I can
see the sub form hiding there all happy and content to
be in the shade of the main form. An error handler sees no
problem (error number.) It just decides to take a hike, and
locks up the program in the process.

Is there an obvious solution to this far-reaching crisis?


Sat, 13 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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