LogonUser API function - question 
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 LogonUser API function - question

I am trying to authenticate a user on Win NT4 using the LogonUser API
function, passing in a userid and password.

I realise that the process calling this function must have TCB privileges
which I do not have so I am writing this into an ActiveX exe that I can
install on a server with the required privilege and call using DCOM.  That
way any clients do not need to have the TCB privileges.

As there is no development server available yet, I decided to test it on my
NT4 workstation for the time being, just to check for bugs.  The logonuser
call fails every time (as expected) but I expected to get an access denied
error whereas GetLastError always returns zero.  Obviously I'll test it on a
development server evntually but I want to know if I can expect it to work...
as it stands I have my concerns!

Any ideas anyone please?


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Mon, 27 Oct 2003 20:41:08 GMT  
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