VB5 OLE -> Ms-Word 97 MailMerge 
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 VB5 OLE -> Ms-Word 97 MailMerge

I'm creating a VB5 application wich uses OLE Automation to create a
mailmerge from VB.
First of all, I create a word object using CreateObject        Set Wd =
then I load the document
Wd.FileOpen "c:\Word.Doc"
then I try to tell word that this document will become the
main merge document
Wd.ActiveDocument.MailMerge MainDocumentType:=0
At this point I get the Error : Object doesn't support this property or
The same goes for Wd.ActiveDocument.SendFax ...
Copying code from macro's in Word 6 works just fine.
Wd.MailMergeMainDocumentType 0 works just fine there.)

Can anybody give me a clue to what's going on or where I can find any
documentation about how to use this type of OLE ?
I'm using MS-Word 97 and VB 5 'the Enterprise Edition'
Thanks in advance,
Jurjen de Groot

Sat, 29 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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