VB4 32 Printer.Paperbin does not work 
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 VB4 32 Printer.Paperbin does not work

We are in the planning stages for porting our 16 bit VB3 apps to 32 bit

We need to change the paper bins during print jobs. According to all the
docs, this should be easy. for example:

Printer.Paperbin = vbPRBNAuto

or for our Xerox 4230 (using the adobe postscript v4.1 win95 32bit driver)

Printer.Paperbin = 256 ' for tray 1

We cannot change the paper bin at all in 32 bit VB4. It always returns
Error 308 - "Invalid Property Value". It works fine in VB4 16bit.

We can change anything else - orientation, simplex/duplex etc all work
fine. The tray change never works in 32 bit, on any printer we can find.

Any ideas?


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Sun, 02 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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