thunk or help with nwcalls 16bit in vb4 32 
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 thunk or help with nwcalls 16bit in vb4 32


   I am looking for a way to either call a version of nwcall.dll
(which appears to currently be implemented as a 16bit version) in my
VB 4.0 32bit program.

   I've been tasked with getting the server time/date within my
application and after doing some research I have found that I can get
this via a couple of function calls to nwcalls.dll.  My problem is
that I can't find a 32bit version of this for Windows 95.  I am also
aware of a version of nwcall.dll for Windows NT.

   Does anyone know of a generic thunk .dll that will allow me to call
the 16bit nwcalls.dll from within my vb4.0 32bit program?


Jim Blaich  

Mon, 30 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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