Help - DLL for Crystal Reports in VB4 
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 Help - DLL for Crystal Reports in VB4

I have a problem trying to print  a  report created in Crystal Reports in a
VB. program.

Looking through all the HELP on  PEPrintReport, I though I had figured out
how to print a report.

I followed all directions : including Global.bas in my program, adding the
Declare statement to declare the "CRPE.DLL" file,  and calling the
PEPrintReport function with all of its parameter specified.  

However, upon running my VB. program, I get an error on loading the DLL
file.  (Error 48 I believe).   So I took the suggestions making sure I had
the file, and that it was in the PATH.  Actually I not only have the file,
but have two copies of it in entirely different places, one for my Win95,
and one for my Win3.1.

So, the file is obviously there, and I am out of ideas on the problem.

If anyone has experience, and solved this problem, Please share you

Thank You in advance for your response.

?/? Chris

Thu, 16 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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