VB app to control LPT1 port. 
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 VB app to control LPT1 port.

Does anyone out there know how to take control of the LPT1 port from a
VB application?

My problem is as follows:

The VB app is taking a postscript Print file out of a directory and
sends it to the Printer Object.

The problem is the printer is printing Postscript code because Windows
has control of the default printer driver and it translates the print
file as TEXT to be printed in Postscript.

Is there a way to switch the default printer driver to "Pass Through"?
Or is there a 'null' printer driver out there somewhere that I can use
as a default printer?

Joel Harlan

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Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:08:56 GMT  
 VB app to control LPT1 port.


>Does anyone out there know how to take control of the LPT1 port from a
>VB application?

Joel, you can print directly to the LPT1 port with this code:

Open "LPT1" For Output As #1

Then your regular output statements work just fine and VB thinks you are
writing to a file, not a Windows printer.


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Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:29:27 GMT  
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