avi file to be used in vb 
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 avi file to be used in vb

i have installed lotus screen cam in my computer to capture screen. i
saved this as avi file. the problem is that it is very big when i
saved it as avi file. i convert it in .swf format (macromedia version
6) and used swflash.ocx in my vb app. but it will not play. when i
look into the swflash.ocx it is version 5. so i suspect that version 5
of swflash.ocx can't play version 6. now i register flash.ocx because
it is version 6. but the problem is when i add it to the form in vb
the vb program closes.

so my question is if there is a program to compress this avi file into
smaller size so that i will not worry in converting it in flash movie.

thanks for any help.

Fri, 12 Aug 2005 08:52:32 GMT  
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