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 VB6 : insertAdjacentHTML

Hello everyone, hope you're all well. Here goes.

Summary of problem
How do I use the insertAdjacentHTML method using the webBrowser object
within VB?


I have a simple problem.

I am using the WebBrowser object on a normal form
I am then using the navigate method of the WebBrowser to launch a local html
So far I can do all of this and it works.

Next I want to be able to add some text to this page before I set the
WebBrowser.Visible property to True

Furthermore I would like to be able to use the InsertAdjacentHTML after the
HTML page
has finished loading. I know how to wait for the WebBrowser's readystate.

However I cannot get to the InsertAdjacentHTML method. In fact I cannot get
to any
of the HTML elements on the page.

I have done this before but have forgotten now.

Can anyone please please help??!!

Note, this is a standard exe application, not a DHTML application.



Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:47:33 GMT  
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