BMP output mapping BMP-pixel to printer-pixel 1:1 
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 BMP output mapping BMP-pixel to printer-pixel 1:1

I want to print LARGE 256c-bitmaps (about 2000 x 1000 Pixels)
without any offset, just copying the whole Bitmap 1:1 to the printer,
mapping each BMP pixel to 1 printer pixel.
It's no problem to load it as a picture (See VB-Help-File "Creating
Scrollable Viewports"), but how can I get a handle to the picture (NOT
to the image!!) and copy it to the printer device?
I need not to load the Bitmap in a Picture for solving my problem.
Maybe a useful thing is copying the picture to the image (But how?)

Please send a copy of your answer as personal mail, 'cause our news-
services break down from time to time... Thank you!

Klaus Busse, Vienna

Sat, 15 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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