Wanted: CGI Programmers 
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 Wanted: CGI Programmers

Internet ANSWERS is seeking solution-oriented CGI Programmers for one
of our current projects. We are seeking individuals/corporations who
meet the following criteria:

* Must be fluent and competant coding CGI for use on WinNT platform.
* Must have a working knowledge and experience with C++ and
Visual Basic on NT (some Perl may be required as well)
* Prefer experience with Microsoft SQL Databases.
* Some UNIX (FreeBSD) CGI experience a plus.
* Close proximity to Washington DC (Northern {*filter*}ia) also a plus.

We are looking to write approximately 3-5 scripts to function as an
integrated solution with the database, a credit card processing
software package, and other applications.  Our platform is NT server
4.0 with MS-IIS webservers on Intel Pentium systems.

Those interested, please contact me via email for more information.
Please include a phone number where we can contact you during the

Sat, 13 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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