ANNOUNCE: CodeMagicCD Version 1.0 
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 ANNOUNCE: CodeMagicCD Version 1.0

ANNOUNCE: CodeMagicCD Version 1.0

New York based software developer, The Blue Square Group,
announces the release of CodeMagicCD Ver 1.0., a three-level
toolkit for professional programmers. This software is now
available at

CodeMagicCD, The Complete Programmer's Toolkit For Win32,
CDRom Version 1.0 includes:

This high-quality, multi-language, professional programmer's
editor proved itself by being used by more than 12,000 users
before coming out of its beta stage. It has a thriving
community of users, its own mailing lists, and the best
programming user interface of any editor currently on the

As a 7 year veteran of VB programming, I know that using a
real IDE rather than VB's own editor is an extremely
refreshing change. I can line up my columns for visual
readability, manage my projects, use inexpensive version
control, and even use the built-in ftp (useful because I
am a telecommuter).

Now in version 1.0, this editor supports over 12 languages,
and more are being added regularly.

Among the features of this editor, you will find:

* User configurable syntax highlighting for multiple languages
* Extremely configurable and flexible editing environment
* A pure build of core Perl 5.005_03, with more than a hundred
  of the most popular perl modules built in (yes, including Tk,
  GD, DBD/DBI, Win32::ODBC, and DB_File). Although CodeMagic can
  be used with other versions of Win32-based perl, this standard
  build is used because it's embedding and extension mechanisms
  are not corrupted or C++ based, and can therefore be used as
  a macro language and API extension language for the editor
  itself, or from any other language that supports DLL linkage.
* Code templates for lightning fast coding
* Per-user configuration, for multi-user machines
* The ability to work with any text file, and these languages:
  Perl, Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Html, Html with
  embedded JavaScript/VBScript/PerlScript/PML, ASP, VBScript,
  BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal (Delphi), REBOL, Tcl and TclTk,
  SQL, Lisp, PML (PerlMagic/Lightning or the "Perl Markup
  Language"), and DOS/4DOS/NT Batch Files
* Revision control
* FTP communication, excellent for telecommuters, web program-
  mers, and remote projects
* Project management
* Online customer support

Included on this CD is the software that makes Microsoft run
and hide. Free tools, freely distributed, hand picked from
around the world. These tools allow for a 100% complete
programming environment that VisualStudio could never beat.

Any kind of programming currently in existence is included,
from basic learning to web programming to advanced COM and
device driver development. (Microsoft doesn't want you to
know that these tools are available. They have nothing that
can compete.) These tools include:

* Perl 5.005_03, PerlMagic port. (Perl 5.6 is not stable at
  this time.) This port of perl contains only the true Win32
  port of Perl. This means that embedding and extending are
  not corrupted, as they are in other Win32 ports of Perl.
  As the hands down industry standard language for web and
  administration programming, and as the most powerful script
  programming and text programming language in existence
  today... not to mention the fastest, Perl is a "must have"
  for everyone, even if it's to use it as a super-advanced
  command line tool.
* TclTk, the original "popular" scripting language, and the
  first scripting language (that we know of) to put GUI
  programming in reach of entry-level programmers.
* Python, the up-and-coming scripting language preferred
  by its several-hundred-thousand-member community.
* A large set of GNU programming tools, such as grep, diff,
  patch, awk, sed, merge, and many others required for full-
  featured programming.
* The REBOL language, an extremely high-level language that
  allows you to send an email in one line of code. Of course,
  this is just an example. If it can be done on the internet,
  REBOL can do it in the blink of an eye. No complicated
  sockets or protocol programming to get in the way.
* The wxWindows GUI toolkit for C/C++ brings simple, object-
  oriented Windows programs within easy reach of the average
  Joe or Josephine. No longer do poor-quality COM and ActiveX
  components rule the Windows GUI world.
* The industry standard GNU C++ complier for Win32 (MinGWin),
  with its accompanying Assembler, fortran77 compiler, and C
  and Objective C Compliers and tools. (Who said programming
  in C took a $1000 set of do-little wizards? Oh, that's right,
  Microsoft does!)
* The DJGPP DOC C compiler used for many years by C programmers
  around the world.
* Cint, C Interpreter powerful enough to run itself running a
  program written in C. (Yes, you read that right, it is powerful
  enough to run its own source code, and have that running code
  run another program.) There are times when the code-compile-
  link-run steps need simplification. Just write it and run
  it with this tool.
* YaBasic, proof that BASIC is not a Microsoft commodity.
* Other tools and languages, more of which will be added until
  no language is unavailable to our users, and people begin to
  realize that they really do have better choices than the
  supposed de-facto standards dictated by Redmond.

All of this comes in a tidy package to tie everything together.
New programmers can use just one language, and not have to worry
about any of the others (but can graduate to them when the
need arises). Hackers (the guys who wear the propeller hats)
can enjoy learning and using everything in the most complete
programming package available anywhere for the Win32 platform.

One of the most pervasive problems with getting these superior
tools into the public workplace is the lack of wizards, gadgets,
buttons, gizmos, and little spinning icons. In other words,
management has always liked these languages, but couldn't find
themselves accepting them, because of the lack of any congruity
between them, or of any interface for them. This package
provides that interface once and for all.

CodeMagicCD includes free installation support, per-incident
phone support, free email support, and mailing list support.

The languages contained in the package collectively have over
100 methods of free and commercial support. Nothing at Microsoft
can top that.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 ANNOUNCE: CodeMagicCD Version 1.0

 > ANNOUNCE: CodeMagicCD Version 1.0
 > New York based software developer, The Blue Square Group,
 > announces the release of CodeMagicCD Ver 1.0., a three-level
 > toolkit for professional programmers.

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