VB6-Dynamic Control Creation 
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 VB6-Dynamic Control Creation

I have a VB6 project where I would like to create a checkbox at runtime
for each record in a recordset.  When I loop through the recordset and
set the name paramater of the controls.add method with a variable, I
keep getting a "Not a legal object name".  The naming convention I use
is: "chk" & strid.  

These create the error
Form1.Controls.Add "VB.CheckBox", "'" & strChkBoxName & "'", Frame1
Form1.Controls.Add "VB.CheckBox", strChkBoxName, Frame1

If I change it to this, I can only add 1 control
Form1.Controls.Add "VB.CheckBox", "chkObj1", Frame1

Is it possible to create a checkbox for each record in a recordset?

Thank you
Mary Jo

Fri, 28 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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