Sprites and why they don't work 
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 Sprites and why they don't work

Hello all,
    Lately I've become interested in making games and such in VB 5. I got
some tutorials from the web, looked it up in some books (Mastering Visual
Basic 5) and I got some code. Using PaintPicture and PictureClip I got this

Picture1.PaintPicture PictureClip1.GraphicCell(CurPic + 4), CurX, 290, , , ,
, , , vbSrcAnd

Picture1.PaintPicture PictureClip1.GraphicCell(CurPic), CurX, 290, , , , , ,

The first image is the actual image with a black background and the ones
below are black with a white background. When the PictureClip has 4 columns
then everything works fine! If there are any more or less than 4 then the
image is in a black outline! What is up with that?!

Also even with only 4 columns there is some discoloration! I can't figure it

Golden Fire Productions

Wed, 27 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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