GetModuleUsage API, Start Bars, and Dial-ups. Yeeshk. 
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 GetModuleUsage API, Start Bars, and Dial-ups. Yeeshk.

Hi there!
        I have three quick questions, any help with any of them would be
heaps appreciated.

1) Can someone tell me the 32 bit equivalent of the Win 3.1 API call
GetModuleUsage.  I used to use this to determine when a program had
terminated, but I dont know the Win95 equavlent for 32 bit programming.  If
possible, also, I would like to get a summary/overview of all the API
calls.  I've seen various bits and pieces around Microsoft, but most of
them are next to useless.

2) Diabling the Start Bar.  I have a machine that needs to run one program,
and one program only.  It is available to the general public, and I have no
idea how to stop them from using the touch screen to activate the task bar.
 Any help here?

3) Finally, this machine has dial-up networking activated.  Unfortunately,
however, like all good VB applications, the machine hangs, or gets turned
off for some reason.  Every time you turn it on again, it sets the dial-up
networking to "No Caller Access", which is useless, as it means a tech has
to go to the Kiosk (which is overseas) and turn it on again, which
completely defeats the point in having it there.  Can anyone help me with

Please reply in E-Mail, and thanks heaps in advance,

Fri, 06 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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