Common dialog control printing problems 
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 Common dialog control printing problems

I have two problems with attempting to print from the Windows print
box, after accessing it via the Common dialog control in VB5.
1/  In the Windows print box the default paper size is set to A4, but
when I use the common dialog control to access the same print box, the
image persistently prints at a paper size of Custom (76mm x 127mm),
the smallest page size of all.  I have to keep clicking on "Restore
default" every time I want to print.  How can the paper size be
prevented from automatically changing from the A4 default setting?
2/ When using the common dialog control, how do you get the Windows
print box to disappear off the screen when clicking its Cancel button?
I don't want an error message to keep appearing; just a nice neat
cancel out.  And when I avoid the error message, the image prints out
anyway (at 76mm x 127mm)!
The present code is below;  it needs some changes.  Any advice

Private Sub Print_Click()

        CommonDialog1.CancelError = True

        X = Printer.ScaleWidth / 2 - Picture2.Width / 2
        Y = Printer.ScaleHeight / 2 - Picture2.Height / 2
        Printer.PaintPicture Picture2, X, Y

    End Sub


Mon, 09 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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