Trade od MB save on upgrade 
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 Trade od MB save on upgrade

      Program     World     Services     Hardware     Sales

      SAVE   30-40%  OFF  ON  YOUR  NEXT  UPGRADE

       Trade in your old MainBoard and Cpu and get
          30-40% off on a new CPU and mainboard.

  NOTE: I now take Cpus, Mainboards, HardDrives,  Some
 option cards, Monitors, and more on trade ins for equipment
 at Cost sent to users (Wholesale dealer Cost)

  We Carry AMD, Cyrix, IBM, And Intel (MMX), Pent II Chips
 Single, Dual Chip, Jumperless, ATX, Pent MMX, Pent II MB'S
 Parts Sent 2 Day Ups, Comes with full manufactures warrenty
  Specifie Your Cpu and MB trade in type and what you want.
                     For a free no hassle price quote

 All quotes to the public (with trade in only) are Wholesale Dealer
 cost prices which are generally 30-40% off the going retail rate

          Program World Services, Bus. Lic. 127836,
        Registered With the Consumer of Affairs Office

Scott Smith, (209) 255-9110

Sat, 08 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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