Wizards and the Wizard Manager 
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 Wizards and the Wizard Manager

Hello All:

In the Wizard Manager documentation, which is sparse to say the least,
it states:

 "When you first start the Wizard Manager, you're provided you with a
preset "stack" of steps as a starting point. These steps are:
Introduction, Step x, and Finished!. "

I don't see these steps anywhere. The documentation also states that
an image control, label and a textbox are created for each step. There
are no textboxes being created.

Is the wizard supposed to create Next, Back and Finish buttons? I
don't see any reference in the help file about this, and I don't see
any buttons.

Does anyone know of known problems with this wizard?

I'm using VB6.


Sat, 06 Aug 2005 22:35:18 GMT  
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