It shouldn't have done that... 
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 It shouldn't have done that...


I've written a VB4/16 program that works reliably on my machine but
occasionally falls over with a GPF - or blue screen - on the test machines.

My machine is NT based, the test machines are Win95 based.

The GPF's are not repeatable. Using the same data, same machine, same .exe
and taking exactly the same route from a restart, most of the time the
software works. Just occasionally it crashes.

We've run it through a robot testing tool called QARun. The software crashed
the first two times through the script. The third attempt ran successfully
and ran for 250 times round the script before we stopped it.

We can not trace any memory leaks. GDI usage remains as expected, free file
handles remains as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

If so, could you copy them to me by email please, to:


Fri, 31 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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