Database Backup And Restore Quandary 
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 Database Backup And Restore Quandary

"Frank White" wrote

> I am not overly confident that this tag is the answer so, when
> restoring the database file, the program checks all table names in the
> current database against the table names in the backup file selected
> to restore. If there is a discrepancy, the program will not use the
> selected restore file to write over the existing database file.

> I am still not confident that this is the answer - as the same
> database tables are used in different versions of the program. If a
> user is using an updated version there is the probability that some
> backup files for the earlier version are on the drive.

> My question is; is there a way in which I can interrogate the files so
> that I can determine that the restore file database format is
> identical to the existing database file.

Consider keeping your own version/release type information in a table in the
database. I often use a table I call tblSysInfo for miscellaneous
information of this type, e.g., whether there is an update available for the
client application, various names and titles to customize appearance, etc..

Tue, 11 May 2004 12:47:40 GMT  
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