OCA/OCX/Visual Basic 6.0 problem 
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 OCA/OCX/Visual Basic 6.0 problem

Interesting(!!) OCA/OCX/Visual Basic 6.0 problem

Problem summary - Running a VB6.0 (SP3.0)standard exe, which contains a VB6.0
OCX, on any win95 machine other than the development machine causes a BEEP (and
the application doesn't start!).  A re-compile of the exact same project on the
target machine solves the problem (however, not really a practical solution!)

Problem details - It was discovered (using a debug tool which hooked into win
APIs) that when run, the exe attempts to open the OCA file, rather than the OCX
file.  This works fine on the development machine because the OCA is found,
however, on the target machine the OCA is not necessarily registered to the
same location.
    On the dev machine when the oca file is removed from the system and the exe
is run, (from outside VB,  which will create the oca's on project load) the
above beep problem also occurs.  Therefore, it was concluded that the problem
was with the OCA file.

Related (interesting) facts - This problem occurs on a project which creates an
exe of about 800KB.  However, if the OCX is simply placed on a new project, the
OCX rather than the OCA is opened during program execution and no problem
occurs!!!  The OCX wraps contains a winsock control - could this be the source
of evil?

Proposed solution (?) - Is it possible to stop VB from using the OCA rather
than the OCX at run-time, because even if the OCA is distributed, other dev
machines may point to a different location for that OCA (so the exe won't
run!).  Registering the OCX on the destination machine doesn't work, because
that doesn't generate an OCA file.

Request for help - If you happen to have any experience solving this issue I
would be grateful for your help.  Can you explain why the OCA rather than the
OCX is sought?  How do I get the exe to look for the OCX?  Finally, do  you
think it might be something totally different, could it be a bug in
oleaut32(ver 2.40.4275) or something similar?

Thanks in advance,

Russell Smith

Tue, 23 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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