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 RichText to Database

I'm moving single app to multiuse app.

Single app uses richtext control and saves text to local drive to ensure
saving the user's formatting changes.

Can't save to local drive for multiuse (obviously), but do not want to save
the richtext formatted file to the network either.

    My thinking is
    1. Save it to the local drive as part of the save routine
    2. Read it back from the local drive and store it into the table.
        T H E N
    3. Read it from the table
    4. Save it to the local drive
    3. Let richtext control read it from local drive.

Need to know:
Using ADO, how can I save that file in its richtext format to a table.
    1. How do I read it up from the local disk in preparation for the save.
            A. Not using the richtext control to do the reading
            B. Sequential read someway?
            C. Fact is I've never known how to set an entire file to a
    2. Once read from the disk, is it a simple Insert/Update to the table?
            A. Insert into <TABLE> (<Field>) Values (vRichTextFile)
            B. Update <TABLE> Set Field=vRichTextFile
    3. Which field type should I use:
            A. Access table:  Memo?
            B. To a SQL Server table:  Blob?
            C. To an Oracle table:  ?? (they're using SQL Server but moving
to Oracle)
    4. OR
            A. There's a whole better way to think about it.

Thanks ahead of time.

Larry Leeds

Sun, 30 May 2004 07:04:06 GMT  
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