Problems installing a server-program on a remote PC 
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 Problems installing a server-program on a remote PC

Please, can you help me?
I'm developing a client-server app. When I test the program running both
modules (the client part and the server part) on the same PC, it works fine
and everything happens as expected.
But, when I create the setup kit for the server with the VB Setup Wizard, I
install it on a remote PC and I run the client part the app shows an "OLE
Automation Error" box with the next number: -2147220997 (800401fb).

The VB help says that OLE Automation Error is number 440, then, what does
that negative number mean?

The system that I use is Windows 95 on both machines, the developing
environment is VB4 and I think I've set both machines as needed. I mean:
        -On the server PC Remauto Connection Manager allows remote access by key
and allows remote create; and the Automation Manager is running.
        -On the client PC Remauto Connection Manager is set to point to the server
PC and the net protocol is set to TCP/IP (the one that the lan uses).

As I said before, if R.C.Manager is set to LOCAL, the app works fine (runs
the local copy of the server); but is RCM is set to REMOTE I got that
criptic message (at least for me!) and the app ends.

What is happening?

Thaks for reading this message.

Sun, 25 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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